Questions And Answers

Alrighty, so I have an instagram account about dance moms, and have over 150 k followers, and they all keep asking me questions that I just can’t answer on instagram all the time! So i’ve decided to answer them here!

Q: Why do you think the Chloe fans are all anoying? 😦

A: First of all, NOT ALL CHLOE FANS ARE ANNOYING. But I will say that well over half of them are. Second, the ones that annoy me are annoying because they always bring Maddie down to make Chloe look better. The typical excuses are, “Maddie beat Chloe because Maddie has better choreography”, “Maddie just wins because of her facial expressions”, and “Maddie only wins because abby favours her!” I just think its sad how you all try to make Chloe feel better by putting down her best friend. That’s not a true Chloe fan. And Maddie and Chloe are best friends and DON’T WANT TO BE COMPARED. That is why some Chloe fans annoy me. True Chloe fans don’t put down Maddie to make Chloe look better.

Q: How old are you?

A: 17!

Q: Are you obsessed with Dance Moms?

A: NO. I just want the world to know that its just a TV show and that you need to understand the true meaning of it: To watch amazing girls dance and do what they love to do.

Q: Have you ever met any of the girls?

A: Yes I have actually. I’ve met them all and their mothers at a meet-and-greet. I had the privilage of interviewing them!

More questions to come later!!!




The Issue With Chloe Fans

Alright, so let me start out by saying that not all Chloe Lukasiak fans are disrespectful 9-12 year olds, so the ones that aren’t, this article does not have anything to do with you

Anyways, Chloe fans are almost out of control.  I know they love Chloe (AND I DO TOO, DONT GET ME WRONG, I LOVE ALL THE GIRLS!!), but honestly, they are to the point of making up excuses why Chloe should win everything, and to be quite frank, its just getting annoying and desperate. Here are the things they are doing that just annoy the heck outa me:

1. They say: “Chloe has waaaaaay better technique than Maddie, Maddie only wins because she has better emotion.

I’m sorry to break it to you guys, and no offence to little miss Chlobird, but Maddie’s technique is better.  Don’t get me wrong, both girls have amazing technique, although neither of them are perfect, Maddie’s technique is better than Chloe’s. Think about it. If Maddie just goes on stage and walks around and smiles and acts out a story, will she win? NOOOO! She has to have technique that backs up her acting skills. Chloe is good at showing emotion too, but she needs to learn how to incorporate both.  Maddie excells in technique and emotion, which is why she beats Chloe. Chloe has days where her technique is up to par with Maddies, but Maddie is more consistent, which is why she wins more.

2. You say: Maddie gets better choreography, that’s why she wins.  Seriously? Chloe and Maddie get the choreography that they are both capable of doing.  In my opinion, Maddie can pull off more moves than Chloe (NOTHING AGAINST CHLOE, I LOVE THEM BOTH EQUALLY!!), that is why she gets harder stuff.  Abby would not give Chloe or Maddie 22 fouette turns in a row, because they both can’t do it.  My point? Abby gives the choreography that the girls are capable of doing. Is she going to give Chloe back hand springs and flips? NO. She would give Paige those.  Does she give Chloe diving front aerols? NO. She gives those to Maddie. You all have to understand that Abby doesnt give Chloe harder moves because Chloe has not reached that point in her dancing life yet.  

3. You always compare her to Maddie! Sure, I just did that above, but I love all the girls equally, i’m just naming facts. You all always have to bring Maddie’s name up when you talk about Chloe. Its really annoying. If you love Chloe, TALK ABOUT CHLOE!

4. You say Christi isn’t jealous of Maddie. OH MY GOSH. Anyone remember the episode in season one when Christi tried to get Melissa to scratch one of Maddies solos? And when Melissa didn’t, Christi SCREAMED AND CURSED AT ABBY AND MELISSA IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.  Maddie and Mackenzie were both in tears.  It was absolutley uncalled for and there is no excuse for it.  And Christi ALWAYS talks about Maddie. If Maddie didn’t exist, that woman would have absolutley nothing to talk about. I can give you a million quotes from Christi about Maddie, but I don’t feel like typing all night.

That’s about it. My message to the crazy Chloe fans is this: LOVE CHLOE FOR WHO SHE IS AND STOP MAKING UP EXCUSES TO MAKE HER LOOK BETTER. I love her fans that love all the girls and take Chloe for who she is. Now that is a true Chloe fan.

Dance Moms: Scripted?

Ok. So I understand that Dance Moms seems like it is completely real. The name calling, the screaming, the betrayal, it all just doesn’t seem like anyone can act that out.  BUT IT IS. Now, i’m not saying all of it is scripted, but the majority of it is. Let’s start with the obvious. There are 2 main arguments happening as of now on the show.

one: That Kendall and Jill left to go to Candy Apples, the apparent arch rival dance studio of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

What really happened: THEY NEVER EVEN LEFT ABBY’S.   They just filmed with Cathy for the show.  Proof? has Kendall written down for awards for them when she was “apparently” at Candy Apples.  Also, some very obvious hints that she never left was that Jill and Kendall were both doing their confessionals in the same rooms (or set) as the Abby Lee girls.   Bad editing lifetime. That was blaintly obvious.

Alright, well the second argument on the show is Abby vs. Cathy.  Ok.  ABBY AND CATHY ARE FRIENDS. I know… it seems impossible, but its true.

How do I know? They both stated it on the Rosie O’Donnel show. Look it up on Youtube. Its a wonderful video that actually tells you the truth about the show.

Another reason its scripted? Its too well thought out.  They give each episode some sort of climax, and resolution, just like a regular tv show. And if you actually read the credits, it says the writers names on it.  Well, if that doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what would.  

If you want to read more about issues and events on Dance Moms that are fake, keep searching for some more posts about it!  You won’t be dissapointed

Hey All You Dance Moms Fans!

Well, this blog is mainly about how I feel about Lifetime’s original reality TV show, “Dance Moms”.  This blog is very opinionated and probably will offend some people; however, the opinions on this blog are strictly based on facts, so you could call them, ‘factpinions’ ;). Dance Moms is a perfect topic to write a blog about because it is so controvercial.  Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy this blog, and if you don’t, well, that just sucks.  My advice to the haters: GO FIND A NEW BLOG. You only make this one more popular. So THANK YOU 😀

Love always,